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When planning your home...communications will forever be changing...stay away from drywall ceiling without full access....communication wiring will require upgrading for years to come..................
#1. Doors
     Doors are the first things done but can be the last place a bad guy touches. (On his way out.)
     Front door, for obvious reasons. 34% of bad guys come thru the front door.
     Inside and outside garage man doors. If entry is gained into the attached garage, what's stopping them?
     Patio doors. Both sliding and garden doors are easily tampered with and usually out of site. (Rear of house)
     Garage overhead doors. Did you know that most overhead doors can be simply forced up with a tire jack. !!
Evaluating what to include in your new home and why.  Cost vrs convenience.
#2. Basement Windows
       If I had a dime for every time someone has said "They're small windows...they'll never get in.....(They got in!!)
       New rules for egress are making all basement windows bigger and easier for access.
       Most basement windows are sliders, which offer limited security.
       We can wire both the screen and the window allowing 2 levels of security
       We have never seen 'window bars' stop a bad guy. They just make him work harder.
       We do not sell or recommend window bars. With or without a quick release system, bars can trap people in.
#3.  Main Floor Windows
       The least secured item in your home yet 1 in 4 bad guys like them as their preferred method of entry.
       If your security company tells you "You have casement windows, you don't need to secure them."
       You tell your security company "Don't let my casement hit you in the _ _ _ on the way out" 
       Casement windows are as vulnerable as doors and basement windows.
       75% of the time there is an unlocked door or window in your home...and it's usually a main floor window.
#4. Second Floor Security
       Although less than 2% of all B&E's come by way of the second floor, if it concerns you, it's your home, contact it.
       Wiring a second floor is limited and best done at the framing stage.
       A second floor keypad and a smoke detector are also part of the second floor prewire.
#5. Attached and Detached Garage
       A garage can contain more valuable items than a home.
       It's easier for a bad guy to fence a $750.00 lawnmower, a $400.00 bike and some tools than a computer.
       Get wire to the garage. Allow for a conduit. Don't just bury it...protect it. Bring the conduit up inside the building.
       A garage should have a man door, overhead door, a quality motion, a keypad and a window contact.
#6. The Extras
       Monitored Smoke Detectors. The smoke detectors installed by your electrician are not recognized by your insurer.
       Water Detector. Why loose your $100,000.00 basement because your sump pump failed.
       Carbon Monoxide. Monitored or unmonitored...get something. It could save your life.
       Low Temp Sensor. Winters can be cruel to an unheated home. Don't go south without it.
       Phone Line Protection - They can cut your phone lines....Proper Phone Line Cut Technology is your only Protection !!
       Cameras - We can offer both interior and exterior cameras with remote viewing from any computer
#7. When Should The Rough in Be Completed
       Main Floor..ALL windows and doors installed. Roof on. Temporary power on site.
       Electrician will call for inspection on a predetermined day. Prewire should be on that day or the day after.
       Basement. Slab in place, basement windows in (permanent) If no slab in place, our ladders sink in the mud.
       No insulation or vapor barrier started. We do not want to violate the integrity of the vapor barrier once installed.
       If a second trip is required to complete the roughin, there may be extra charges. Comebacks cost money.
       Good contractors have good schedules, clean, safe jobsites and respect the scheduling of all subtrades.
#8. Motion Detectors
       Most of out competitors, sell motions first...everything else last....We save our motions for last
       Never design your security around your motions....let the motions be the "Final Fill" only...
       We have Pet Motions for MOST pets under 90 lbs...
       Most homes should have 3 or less the main traffic areas only. 
#9. Everything Else
       Glassbreak Detectors - We do not like them in Residential Installations....Very High Failure rate
       Glass Shock Sensors - Placed directly on the glass of each window...The only way to properly protect sealed glass
       Combo Glassbreak - Contact - Great items for basement windows and Commercial glass entry doors..
       Window Screens - Not big fans off wired window screens (expensive) but we do like "Screen Tampers". 
       Overhead Door Contacts - great idea...We have all left the garage door over over night.
       Extra keypads - If it's not will not use it. Keypad at every Entry...Keep It Convienent !!!